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Setting up an offshore entity in Sri Lanka?
Feel like facing a herculean task?

Halexo Hive is designed to simplify all those complexities of your mission.

We not only make that swift transition possible, but also guide you seamlessly navigate through the challenges both at present and into the future.

Our services can be customized to suit your unique business needs. With us onboard, you will find more energy to redirect towards your core area of work.

Discover how we can help you tick off the checklist and conquer your offshore expansion goals, when venturing into Sri Lanka.  

Why setup your offshore company in Sri Lanka?


Having your operations at an offshore destination such as Sri Lanka enables your business function at a significantly lower cost than at the home market- potentially resulting in a cost saving of around 35%-45%. Low labor expenses, low real estate and admin costs, tax benefits as well as favorable exchange rates are among key factors that translate into operational cost efficiency for emerging businesses. Moreover, with the assurance of a static OpEx, your business can effectively plan its finances.


Top-notch talent is a decisive factor in delivering your offshore services. Sri Lanka is known to have quality talent and having access to such resources, who would probably have lower wage expectations than those at the home market, is a key advantage in setting up your offshore business in Sri Lanka. Additionally, the companies can retain quality talent by offering competitive packages and attractive opportunities, leveraging the reduced operational cost.


Offshore operations offer you great flexibility to scale your business by adding more workforce or infrastructure to accommodate business growth.


Your expanding global footprint is sure to enhance your business image and reputation, with your stakeholders being convinced that your business is growing and capable of serving the international markets


Establishing an offshore business in Sri Lanka will place you above your competitors in home markets, highlighting your accessibility to talent and exposure to the market in Sri Lanka. This can be used as a Unique Selling Proposition in your branding and marketing campaigns.


Offshoring is a great way to enhance stability of operations. By not being totally reliant on a single labor market, spreading your business to an offshore destination will also reduce possible vulnerabilities specific to a certain geographical location. Starting your offshore operations in Sri Lanka is a great way to demonstrate operational resilience.


Offshore operations allow round-the-clock service delivery based on the time zone difference. This would allow greater flexibility in meeting your clients’ expectations.


Offshoring will connect you with Sri Lankan compliance experts who are familiar with local regulations and better equipped to help you execute the compliance processes in a hassle-free manner.

Our Services

Setting up & General Business Administration

Setting up an offshore entity in Sri Lanka entails a great deal of preparation and approvals. Our dedicated team can ease your workload with assistance on the documentation process, obtaining legal and regulatory compliance, including ISO or any other quality assurance standardizations specific to the operations if required, securing liability insurance coverages, as well as managing a range of business administration services including the supply chain.

Finance & Accounting Support

Halexo Hive can assist you with the time-consuming process of keeping the numbers in order so you can focus on your core business. Whether you prefer a hands-off approach to finance and accounting management, or you wish to outsource certain components, we’ve got you covered. Our services include handling cashflow and payroll, setting up the bank accounts, dealing with local currency regulations, management of international payments, audit, and taxation. Throughout the process, complete transparency in all transactions will be ensured, with clients being given full visibility and access to books and accounting systems.

Talent Acquisition

We specialize in acquiring top-tier talent from the pool of resources in Sri Lanka, encompassing a range of job roles from the C-Suite to entry level positions. Our Talent Acquisition solutions go beyond mere outsourcing of a project or an engineer. Partnering with us will eliminate the cost and other complexities associated with intermediaries in the hiring process.

Office Space & Facility Management

Whether you are searching for a high-end workplace or otherwise, count on Halexo Hive to find the right workspace that aligns with your budget, headcount and operational requirements. Provided you need your office space ISO certified or with additional facilities, we will handle everything to ensure everything is in place.

Other Services

We provide assistance in relation to HR & Administration functions, Advisory Support, IT and Technology Support in Cybersecurity and Software Development, as well as Network Operations Centre to ensure the smooth running of your Sri Lankan operations. Should you wish to sell your entity at some point after establishment, we are even ready to help you execute your strategy for a smooth exit.

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