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IT process automation involves developing software and systems to replace repeated operations and eliminate manual involvement. It improves the speed with which IT infrastructure and applications are delivered by automating operations that previously needed to be carried out manually.

You may be planning to invest (or have already invested) in IT automation software and don’t yet have the skills, time or resources to implement them. Halexo can save you the time and cost of attaining an in-house solution, by providing your MSP or MSSP with the necessary resources to accomplish any type of IT automation you or your clients require.

It works like this… 


Halexo will carry out a scoping exercise and deliver a suggested automation plan with itemised estimates and timeline for implementation.


The MSP/MSSP can review the plan and choose which elements to implement based on their service delivery goals or clients’ requirements.

Set up

Our specialist resources will carry out implementation services using any of the automation tools listed below, or using custom scripting.

IT automation platforms

Our resources are highly experienced in all of the leading platforms, specializing in MSP automation including NOC automation, RMM automation and Service Desk automation. 

IT Automation for MSPs & MSSPs

Using AIOps for intelligent process automation

What is AIOps?

Artificial intelligence in IT operations is referred to as AIOps. IT teams may use AIOps to control the enormous complexity and volume of data created by modern IT infrastructures, preventing outages, maintaining uptime, and achieving continuous service assurance.

When robotic, intelligent, and autonomous systems are combined, intelligent automation is the result, which expands the range of jobs and processes that can be automated. You can maximise your resources, save on costs and improve digital experiences by using IT automation and AIOps.

For service providers, automation and AIOps can also help:

  • Reduce time to revenue by swiftly and smoothly onboarding new clients.
  • Increase revenue by delivering new, innovative services in a quicker timeframe.
  • Accelerate service delivery and improve performance when meeting SLAs.

Halexo’s intelligent automation technologies deliver a positive impact across a range key business objectives:

Cost and time reductions

  • Automate time consuming repetitive IT processes
  • Minimize escalations of incidents and service requests

Streamlined incident response

  • Accelerate MTTR (mean time to resolution) via automated remediation
  • Autonomously fix issues to reduce resolution time and avoid outages

Improved performance and reliability

  • Proactively check for issues before business is impacted
  • Automating routine maintenance operations for consistency

Improved customer experience

  • Provide automated AI chatbots and virtual agency for streamlined service
  • Achieve higher standards of service delivery and improved timescales

Improved staff performance

  • Free up resource time and innovation by removing repetitive tasks
  • Reduce incidents of human error associated with complex repetitive processes

Optimised governance and compliance

  • Automate compliance documents maintain detailed audit trails
  • Encode and implement automated best practices at scale

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