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A complete suite of technical and strategic talent for MSPs & MSSPs who want to scale their business fast

The benefits of remote staffing for MSPs

Halexo has access to some of the best IT, cybersecurity, software development and DevOps talent on the market. As an MSP/MSSP, recruitment can be an expensive and time consuming process, which is why our staff augmentation solution is an efficient – and profitable – alternative.

We can provide specific IT resources, expert cybersecurity professionals, entire teams or individuals to fill any skills gaps you may have. On the software side we can deliver developers for any platform or framework required, and DevOps resources to accelerate the process. All of these are available on a long term or project by project basis.

Our talent will work within your preferred workflow and quickly integrate with your local team.

It works like this…



Halexo will carry out a scoping exercise and deliver a suggested resource solution with itemised estimates for implementation.


The MSP/MSSP can review the suggested resources and choose which elements to go ahead with based on their clients’ requirements.

Set up

Your new remote team members will carry out tasks as an extension of your internal team, maintaining regular contact and providing a 24/7 service.

MSP Expertise

Our expert resources are highly qualified and experienced in all aspects of IT, cybersecurity, software development and DevOps – from junior to senior and consultant level. These are the resources we can provide in each area:

IT resources

Level 1
Junior Systems Engineer, Junior Desktop Support Engineer, Junior Network Administrator, Junior Helpdesk Technician, Junior Service Desk Technician, Junior NOC Technician
Level 2
Systems Engineer, Desktop Support Engineer, Network Administrator, Helpdesk Engineer, Systems Administrator, Service Desk Engineer, NOC Engineer
Level 3
Senior Systems Engineer, Senior Network Administrator, Senior NOC Engineer
Level 4
Consultant, Senior Consultant

Cybersecurity resources

Level 1

Junior SOC Analyst, Junior Security Engineer

Level 2

Senior SOC Analyst, Security Engineer

Level 3

Senior Security Engineer, Consultant

Level 4
Senior Consultant
Level 5

Software development resources

Level 1

Associate Software Engineer, Junior Software Engineer, Junior web Developer

Level 2

Software Engineer, UI/UX Engineer, Web Developer, Front End Software Engineer, Back End Software Engineer, Dev Ops Engineer

Level 3

Senior Software Engineer, Senior UI/UX Engineer, Senior Web Developer, Senior Back End Software Engineer, Senior Front End Software Engineer, Senior Dev Ops Engineer

Level 4

Lead Developer, Technical Architect, Development Team Lead, Lead Software Engineer


Halexo can provide staff with experience in any MSP technology platforms your organisation utilises, including but not limited to the following:

Instant Resource Calculator

Choose the resources you need and the time you need them for, and we’ll give you an instant estimate of monthly costs.

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